Star Tours II Update


As of this writing, Star Tours II will be open in exactly four months. With Orlando’s version confirmed for the 20th of May and Anaheim’s expected well before that, no matter where you decide to check it out; you’ll be able to ride it four months from now. Above you can see the new marquee they’ve added to the ride building in Disneyland, but it’s obviously a temporary one as it’s just a rather cheap sign bolted over the original. Expect something much nicer in May.

There has been some question of the opening date of the ride from our Facebook page as people are obviously planning vacations this summer and want to hit the ride as soon as possible. Orlando is confirmed to be open on May 20th to be part of this year’s Star Wars Weekends there. That is the official Disney PR line, but they never discuss soft openings so it’s possible people will be riding Star Tours II there well before the 20th. As for Disneyland in Anaheim, the ride is expected to be open much earlier than the 20th and the current rumor is the week of May 10th.

The Disneyland ride is the “primary” one and the one that sparked the whole refurbishment that it’s going through. The Orlando one is reportedly secondary as the word is that the upgrade was paid for by Anaheim and Tokyo and Florida just gets it as a bonus. The Disneyland version of the ride also closed much sooner than the Disney Hollywood Studios one for much more extensive queue work, and as such it will likely open a couple weeks before the one in Florida. Whatever the date ends up being, we’ll let you know the instant it’s announced. Keep an eye on the site here and our Facebook page for any updates.

We’ll also be keeping an eye on the progress of the building in Anaheim and will check it nearly weekly for any changes leading up to the official opening.