Qui-Gon Returns in Clone Wars


Lucasfilm must have loaded up a cargo plane of money and dropped it on Liam Neeson’s house, as he’ll be appearing as Qui-Gon in a Clone Wars three-parter. Entertainment Weekly broke the news today, which comes as a complete shock to anyone who knows Neeson’s history with the prequels. While he was Qui-Gon in The Phantom Menace, he reportedly refused to provide voice overs for either of the other two prequels.

In Attack of the Clones, Lucas was able to re-use Qui-Gon dialog from Episode I, but when it came to Episode III; he had to completely cut out the dialog. At the end of the movie, when Yoda is meditating, he’s actually communicating with Qui-Gon’s Force Ghost who is explaining to Yoda how to become a blue glowie. This scene made it into the comic adaptation.