George Lucas DOESN\’T believe the world will end in 2012


If you believe the Lucas-hating hipster internet (as bashing Lucas is the best way to earn you Twitter followers these days), then George Lucas believes the world will end next year. At least, that’s what Seth Rogan claims Lucas told him when he came into some meeting Rogan was part of. That’s what Seth Rogan told the Toronto Sun. Is it true? Probably not.

One of George’s daughters, Katie (the one writing Clone Wars, not the MMA one), took to Twitter last night to dispute the story that has become yet another hipster Lucas bashing meme online:

“Regarding my pops thinking the world is going to end in 2012: I have no idea if the conversation actually happened. But he would TOTALLY say that. As a joke, obviously.”

So even IF Lucas said that to Seth Rogan, he was joking. Naturally that part of the story doesn’t translate when you want to attack George Lucas for raping your childhood.