PlayStation 3 Jailbreak Destroys Online Play


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple weeks, you probably know that George “geohot” Hotz has jailbroken the PlayStation 3 just as he previously did with the iPhone. The whole story about the jailbreak itself is hilarious, with Sony suing Hotz in California because he used Facebook and Twitter to talk about the hack and their offices are located in California, while Hotz lives in Jersey. But this hack, which reveals the PS3’s “Private Key” to anyone who wants it, has wide ranging repercussions such as revealing the Blu-Ray AACS encryption keys stored in the PS3 to unleashing hacks on online gaming.

Anyone who has every tried to play an online game on the Wii knows how annoying a fully jailbroken console system can be with online games. It’s simply useless to play an online game on the Wii thanks to all the rampant hacking due to the ease of modifying the system. With this PS3 hack, the same thing is about to happen with PlayStation 3 games; and it’s already struck Modern Warfare 2.

Hackers with modified consoles who host a Modern Warfare 2 wipe the stats of anyone who connects to their game. Since there’s absolutely no way to know if you’re about to connect to a hacked PS3; every time you fire up a game of Modern Warfare 2 on the system; you’re now at danger of forever losing your stats and ranks. And guess what? There’s absolutely nothing Infinity Ward can do to fix this. They can’t restore ranks and they can’t stop the people from hacking.

Infinity Ward posted a response on their forums where Robert Bowling explained, “updates to the game through patches will not resolve this problem completely, unless the security exploit itself is resolved on the platform.” Unfortunately, if you research this jailbreak, it’s painfully obvious that there really isn’t anything Sony can do to resolve the problem. The Private Key has been found and is in the open. Unless Sony recalls every single PlayStation 3 on the market and creates an new Private Key with improved security to prevent this from happening, Pandora’s Box is opened and it cannot be closed.