Aronofsky on Batman? Please, no.


There’s some speculation out today regarding a possible future film version of Darren Aronofsky’s Batman, which would be an epically bad idea and could kill the film franchise in a completely different way than the Schumacher movies did. Prior to the Batman vs. Superman rumors and before Batman Begins, Aronofsky wrote an “adaptation” of Year One where he basically threw everything out and made a different version of Batman than what everyone knew.

Bruce Wayne doesn’t live in Wayne Manor. Instead he lives in a garage in the bad part of town with “Big Al” and “Little Al”. No Alfred, just those mechanics. There’s no Batcave, but an abandoned subway under the garage takes its place. He gets the name “The Bat-Man” due to him wearing Thomas Wayne’s ring and the “T.W.” makes a bat symbol on the thugs he punches. At the end of the movie, the Bat-Man KILLS Commissioner Loeb by throwing a knife into his eye. Gordon is there, and Selina Kyle plays a big part, but it’s overall a mess that should never be made.

It’s not the Batman that the public knows, and Warner shelved the script in favor for Batman Begins for that very reason. Batman is way too valuable a franchise to take such a risk on, as putting that on screen would confuse and alienate people who expect to see a Batman movie, not some experimental artsy crime flick with a guy who dresses up in a cheap costume shop version of a bat costume.

A few years ago, J.J. Abrams wrote a horrible Superman script that caused the internet to explode. In it Krypton didn’t explode, there was a civil war on Krypton that bled to Earth, and Lex Luthor was a Kryptonian. Not to mention Kal-El discovers his powers by interrupting Ma Kent being raped. Aronofsky’s Batman script is just as bad, but people are so in love with the idea of any new Aronofsky movie that they tend to ignore that.

Warner handing over the Batman franchise to him, if that Year One script is used, would be the second time they killed the Batman film franchise.