Green Lantern \’Expansion\’ Confirmed for DCUO


In something that comes as no surprise to anyone who has been following DC Universe Online, a Green Lantern “expansion” has been confirmed and it’ll likely arrive in time for the upcoming movie. The confirmation comes from Entertainment Weekly who spoke to Jim Lee about yesterday’s DCUO launch and said:

“Fortunately, the Green Lantern that debuts in the feature film this June is based heavily upon the same core canon found in the pages of the comics,” Lee said. “In that sense, Green Lantern is Green Lantern, so of course, future expansions of DCUO will want to tap into the same well of excitement and passion and awareness that’s generated by such big blockbuster motion pictures.”

Naturally, this will probably not be a traditional expansion that you’d buy in a store. Traditional mainstream press tends to describe any big MMO patch or update as an “expansion”, so it’s very likely this is just going to be a really big content patch for DCUO that will activate light-based power sets for players (NPCs already use them). What would you want to see in a Green Lantern content update for DCUO? Lantern color choices? Oa as a new “city” with missions?