Deleted Scenes We Want on the Star Wars Blu-Rays


We know that there are a lot of scenes that were lost from the Original Trilogy. While the Prequels had their deleted scenes included as extras on the DVD releases, the Original Trilogy scenes are much more rare. At Celebration V they promised lots of rare things have been found for the upcoming Blu-Ray release, such as the alternate Return of the Jedi opening, but we know there are more that they can include. Below are some of the deleted scenes that should be included as extras on the Star Wars Blu-Ray release.

Star Wars – Luke sees the space battle.

Luke’s original introduction in Star Wars was going to be much different. He was going to be out tending the moisture vaporators when he notices something in the sky. Through his binoculars he is able to see the space battle between the Tantive IV and the Star Destroyer and then rushes to tell his friends about it.

Star Wars – Tosche Station

After seeing the battle, Luke rushes to the Tosche Station where he tells his friends Biggs, Camie, and Fixer about it. They run outside, but as the battle is over they don’t see anything and don’t believe him. You can see this scene here.

Star Wars – Luke and Biggs

After the bit with Luke and his friends, he and Biggs go outside to talk. Biggs was visiting from the Imperial Academy, but here he tells Luke how he plans on defecting to the Rebellion.

The Empire Strikes Back – Wampa Attack on Echo Base

There is a whole lot of stuff about the Wampas attacking Echo Base that was cut from Empire. At one point a Wampa invades the base and kills a Tauntaun. The Rebels manage to trap a few Wampas in a room and put a warning label on the door. When the Imperials are attacking the base, Threepio stops and rips the warning off the door and later a group of Stormtroopers go in and get mauled by the Wampas.

The Empire Strikes Back – Luke Shoots Wampas

At one point in Empire, Luke mans a huge cannon and fires on some Wampas in the base. This was reportedly cut because the furry Wampa suit looked a bit silly being killed.

Return of the Jedi – Sandstorm

Compared to Star Wars and Empire, there aren’t as many known cuts from Jedi. One of the biggest takes place right after they escape from Jabba, but before they leave Tatooine. Here Han thanks Luke for coming after him, and Luke tells them that he has to return to Dagobah before reuniting with them at the fleet. This was famously cut due to the poor quality of the footage and how you could barely see anything through the sand.