Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Review


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was one of the best competitive online first person shooters released this year. At least on the PC side of things, the community is extremely healthy and you’ll even find stronger competition and a more active and mature user base than the Call of Duty games. This month EA and DICE released a $15 multiplayer expansion for Bad Company 2, and it’s worth every penny.

Bad Company 2 Vietnam is actually the second time that DICE has tackled that war following Battlefield: Vietnam earlier in the decade, but this $15 expansion is everything that game wasn’t thanks mostly to it being built off of Bad Company 2. You get the full Frostbite deformity of the levels, which comes in pretty useful when someone is hiding in one of the little bamboo huts as your bullets will tear right through the wall. Helicopters are no longer invincible here as they can be pretty easily taken down by gunfire, and the added flamethrower is just absolutely awesome. It’s hard to not giggle in demented joy as you mow down other players in a stream of fire.

With the expansion being built on top of Bad Company 2, it still uses the core game’s player progression. That means everything you do in Vietnam will contribute to your unlocks. It includes a total of four maps out of the box, with a fifth unlocked through team actions. On the PC, this map is already unlocked as of this writing with Xbox 360 and PS3 players still working towards it.

For $15 you get five new maps, a great Vietnam setting for combat, and the Bad Company 2 gameplay you have come to expect from the game. If you still play Bad Company 2, this is a must. If you’ve stopped playing, it’ll breath some new life into the game.