Spielberg\’s Falling Skies Trailer


There was a time when Spielberg refused to make anything where the aliens were bad. He directed Close Encounters and E.T., both movies with nice aliens and produced the mini-flying saucer movie *Batteries Not Included and the mini-series Taken (among others). But something changed with Spielberg in the last decade or so and he has no problem with evil aliens now. Conspiracy theorists have their own explanation for the reasoning, but it doesn’t really matter as the result was the awesome War of the Worlds remake; which brings us to Falling Skies.

TNT has released a trailer for this alien invasion series coming next year, and it looks like a television version of Spielberg’s War of the Worlds mixed with The Walking Dead. From the trailer below, it looks pretty cool. The cast looks pretty good, the aliens are somewhat cool, and it’s gritty and grim. We’ll definitely check this one out.