10 of The Funniest Family Guy Star Wars Gags


The trilogy is now complete. With the release of “It’s a Trap!” the Family Guy has spoofed the entire Star Wars trilogy with hilarious results. Each part is filled with laugh out loud moments, but below you’ll find the 10 that made us laugh the hardest.

Stewie Vader

Having Stewie play the Darth Vader part in the trilogy is just brilliant. In all three parts he has some of the funniest bits, and that tiny Darth Vader is (dare we say it) cute. They must release a Stewie Vader figure or statue!

Luke Kills Danny Elfman

John Williams makes a couple appearances in the trilogy, but in Blue Harvest he’s killed a long with Owen and Beru and replaced with Danny Elfman. Naturally no one else is worthy to score a Star Wars movie, so Luke does the only sane thing.

Dirty Dancing

Disturbing? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely. Making Herbert Obi-Wan was a really funny choice, and having him do the Swazye dance from the end of Dirty Dancing just slaps an absurdly funny part near the end of Star Wars.


Family Guy is famous for its randomness, but making the Wampa on Hoth Cookie Monster is one of the better examples of it. The “Cookie!” yell and the Muppet eyes were just icing on the cake.

Training to be a Jedi

I still can’t believe they got away with this, but it completely works. What better way to show Luke training to be a Jedi than by making it part of one of the best training montages ever? The Rocky 4 training montage is still awesome to this day.

The Special Edition

This was in the trailer for “It’s a Trap!” and is one of the funniest things in all three episodes. It’s obviously making fun of the stupid CG band added to the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi, but this sock puppet is more convincing than the band was.

The Rancor

Rush Limbaugh actually had a cameo in Blue Harvest as himself, but they went all out with “It’s a Trap” by putting him in there as the Rancor. It doesn’t matter if you hate Limbaugh or really hate him, this is absolutely hilarious and he was a good sport for doing it.

Yes, They Went There

Family Guy is known for shocking people, and it’s gotten them in trouble more than once. There have been episodes banned from airing due to their sense of humor, and not even Star Wars is safe from it. Obviously George Lucas is a huge fan of the show, otherwise jokes like this one would never have made it into the episode.

The Death of Stewie Vader

Vader’s death in “It’s a Trap!” is actually better than his death in the movie. When Luke can’t get his helmet off, he tries to twist it; breaking Vader’s neck. He then carries the limp body onto the shuttle because we all know it was the Emperor who killed Vader.

Robot Chicken

A running gag in all three episodes is Peter talking trash about Robot Chicken. Since Chris is voiced by Seth Green, the arguments continue to escalate in hilarity until the third episode where Seth Green fires back by pointing out how much of a d-bag Seth McFarlane is.