DC Answers the Ultimate Fanboy Debate


Who would win in a fight? Superman or Batman? How many times has that been debated between fanboys, or even Frank Miller? Last month Superman/Batman #78 came out, and DC tackled the age-old question head on.

The story focuses on two kids, one with a Supes shirt and the other with a Bats shirt. The two go through the famous argument over who would defeat the other in a fight. Naturally, they need to set down some ground rules such as no Kryptonite and they also had to come up with a reason why they were fighting. The “no time for nooky” with Wonder Woman in the foreground was particularly funny.

Naturally, as we all know, Superman and Batman are partners and would never fight. But the main story ends with the two proving that…although Batman knows the kids got it right with how he would defeat Supes.

The issue has a second, very short, Huntress/Power Girl story with pencils by Brett Booth. He’s someone to keep an eye on after his work at Marvel and Wildstorm. His art is very reminiscent of early Jim Lee and he’ll be drawing JLA starting with issue #54.