Endor DLC out for The Force Unleashed 2, and it\’s cheap!


Were you disappointed with The Force Unleashed 2 not quite living up to the amazing original? Perhaps Lucasarts is aware of people not being completely happy with it as today they’ve released the Endor DLC for TFU2 and it’s really cheap. While the DLC for the original game clocked in at $10 per pack (800 MS points), the DLC for the sequel is a cool $1 each (80 points). So for $2 you not only get new costumes, but a new gameplay level.

The costume pack gets you Admiral Ackbar (yes!), Darth Malek, Luke in his Dagobah gear, Han Solo, Lando, Clone Wars Obi-Wan, and some new Starkiller suits. The gameplay pack is another alternate history level like the original game’s DLC, this time set on Endor at the end of Return of the Jedi. That means you get to zap Ewoks with Force Lightening. That’s worth $1, don’t you think?