10 Reasons Cataclysm Brings Back Warcrack


World of Warcraft Cataclysm went live this week and it’s brining both old and new players to a changed Azeroth. The expansion is so big with so much cool stuff, it’s bringing back veteran players to a game that they may have began to get a bit burned out on. Below are ten reasons why Cataclysm has given new life to the World of Warcrack.


While it’s doubtful you’ll see many naked female Goblins dancing on a mailbox in comparison to the thousands of naked female Blood Elf bank alts; Goblins finally gave the Horde a “funny” race to compliment the Alliance’s Gnomes. But the Goblins are like the Gnomes taken to 11 in terms of just how cool they are.


On the Alliance side, the Worgen are a huge improvement over the space goats from Burning Crusade that many players actually felt were a bit rushed and unfinished graphically. Not so with the Worgen, their animations are excellent and Gilneas’ whole Charles Dickens inspiration is some of the best theming the game has done in a long time.

Old Wold Flight

There is absolutely no feeling in WoW that compares to taking flight over the Old World, and especially a capital like Stormwind or the awesome new Orgrimmar. Flight in Azeroth gives the Old World new life as you actually don’t mind doing stuff there anymore now that you’re no longer stuck to a ground mount.

The Abyssal Seahorse

Players have hoped for one of these for a long time, and when you begin questing in Vashj’ir you get one for free. The Abyssal Seahorse is an underwater mount and is awesome.

The Dungeons

While they’re set in the changed Old World, Cataclysm’s dungeons are epic. Not only are they large in scale and size, but there are great scripted events, lore, loot, and boss fights to find inside.

Guild Levels & Achievements

Players hit the level cap of Cataclysm within six hours of its launch. But that doesn’t mean the expansion will have a short life. The real new treadmill appears to be guild progression, as Blizzard has wisely capped how far a guild can level in a day. New achievements, perks, and rewards make this one of the most overlooked, but key, additions to the expansion.

The Challenge

Cataclysm dungeons, specifically the heroics and raids, are challenging once again. You actually need to use crowd control (Polymorph, etc.) to get past some encounters. It’s no longer an AOE faceroll like Northrend heroics were. Don’t be surprised to wipe a lot.

Old is New Again

From the split Barrens (that didn’t kill Chuck Norris though) to the amazing redesign of Orgrimmar, people aren’t wrong when they call Cataclysm “World of Warcraft 2”. Leveling a Worgen, Goblin, or any of the new race/class combos through the new 1-60 Old World content gives you that same feeling of newness that WoW did back in 2004.

The New Zones

The redesigned Old World isn’t the only cool world-related element of Cata. The new zones are just as cool. From the awesome underwater area of Vashj’ir to the long-awaited Egyptian look and feel of Uldum and the un-f’n-believable Skywall, the zones added with Cataclysm are excellent.

This Guy

Once just a bit of flavor text on a dagger that dropped in Blackrock Spire in “vanilla” WoW, the legend makes an in-game appearance in Cataclysm. Humor like this (and Harrison Jones) is what makes World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft.