10 of the Most Influential Jedi


We’ve given the villains their due, but now it’s time for the Light Side of the Force to shine. We’ve poured over the holocrons and whittled down the list to the ten greatest Light Side Jedi in the Star Wars mythos. From games, comics, novels, to the movies; these are the ten best Jedi out there.

Luke Skywalker

Duh. How could we not include Luke Skywalker on this list? The one who brought balance to the Force, restored the Jedi order, and finally learned to stop whining; Luke is the definitive Jedi of all time. You can’t not think of Jedi and not think of Luke Skywalker. He put Jedi on the map for most people.


Yoda’s species and official back story is a mystery, mostly because Lucasfilm does not allow any EU stories dealing with that. They’re so strict in that regard they even veto’ed trading cards in the past that had anything to do with Yoda’s species. Still, the little green winkled Jedi Master can still kick as with the best of them as seen in Episodes II and III.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan taught us that everything depends on our point of view. He also showed us how awesome the Jedi Mind Trick can be. But you also have to give him props because he put up with the whining of not one but two young Skywalker Jedis. It’s surprising he didn’t fall to the Dark Side after putting up with that much whining.

Mace Windu

Mace Windu is not a Jedi you’d want to mess with. He’s the most bad ass of all Jedi on the Jedi Council, so much so that he got to have his own purple lightsaber and no one was brave enough to say anything about it. That’s not a Jedi you want to cross.

Mara Jade Skywalker

Mara Jade was the Emperor’s Hand, but after the Thrawn incident she began to turn to the Light Side, eventually marrying Luke Skywalker and taking a prominent place in the New Jedi Order. Her death is one of the many reasons why the current post-NJO series of EU novels are beyond stupid.

Kyle Katarn

If becoming one of the first Jedi to be trained by Luke Skywalker’s restored Jedi Academy isn’t enough, Kyle Katarn was the guy who stole the original Death Star plans for the Rebellion and then went on to become a Jedi with his own apprentice and everything.

Anakin Skywalker

Before he became a cybernetic asthmatic quadriplegic, Vader was Anakin Skywalker. It was established in the movies that he was more powerful than even Yoda, thanks to those Sea Monkeys in his blood that gave him Force powers. He was also the best starpilot in the galaxy, a cunning warrior, and a good friend.

Kit Fisto

Ol’ tentacle head first appeared in Episode II and his smiling face went on to become one of the most popular of the new Jedi in the prequels. He’s featured a lot in the Clone Wars animated series, and we’ll all just like to forget that Palpatine took him out like a little bitch in Episode III.

Aayla Secura

How’s this for Aayla Secura’s insane popularity? She barely even appeared in Episode II, was shot in the back in Episode III, and doesn’t have a single line of dialog in any of the movies. Yet she is by far one of the most popular Jedis in Star Wars, and like Kit Fisto, is heavily featured in Clone Wars.


Vader’s secret apprentice did start out as a Sith, but like Mara Jade, he turned to the Light Side and is responsible for the formation of the Rebel Alliance. In remembrance of his sacrifice to save the Rebellion leaders, the Rebel Alliance adopted his family crest as their official symbol.

Honorable Mentions:
Anakin Solo
Kyp Durron
Ganner Rhysode