Fanboy Debate: Darth Sideous vs Darth Bane


It’s time for another late night episode of Friday Fanboy debate. Tonight’s topic: Who would win if they ever met; Darth Sideous or Darth Bane.  These usually get pretty heated on the Facebook page.

Darth Bane

  • Lived 1000 years before Sideous
  • Reestablished the rule of two
  • Was able to mind control huge beasts like rancors and drexls
  • Slaughtered 8 sith assasins, 1 dark jedi, and owned his apprentice at the same time

Darth Sideous

  • Responsible for killing trillions
  • Master of force manipulation
  • Controlled an entire galaxy for decades
  • Destroyed 3 Jedi Masters at the same time in combat