The Walking Dead \’Vatos\’ Review


Sometimes there’s an episode of a TV show that makes you leap out of your chair screaming at the set in disbelief, yet you can’t look away because of how awesome it is. That was this week’s episode of The Walking Dead where the last five minutes elevated it to greatness once again. This time the episode was written by Robert Kirkman, who created the comic series and he delivers one of the most shocking endings to any TV show you will have seen in a long time.

Picking up immediately where we left the survivors last week, one is going a little nutty back at camp thanks to the heat and trauma from seeing his family eaten by walkers while the group who returned to Atlanta continue their search for Merle. Things get complicated when they go after the bag of guns when Glenn is kidnapped by what appears to be a street gang called the Vatos, although they aren’t exact what they appear to be.

Rick and pals capture one of the Vatos to trade him for Glenn, and that’s when we learn who they really are and that there are more survivors in Atlanta than originally thought. Rick decides to help them by giving them some weapons, and they head back to the van only to learn that Merle has taken it. That means they’ll have to run back to camp on foot, the whole time fearing what Merle will do if he gets there first. But what gets to the camp is much worse than Merle.

While the last two episodes may have been a little light on the zombies, this one definitely makes up for it as the camp is fully attacked by walkers. And they are hungry. The result is one of the most shocking, gory, and sad scenes in the entire series so far. One character who deserved to be lunch gets just that, while one who doesn’t also gets munched on. It’s unexpected and shows that no one is safe, and you’ll be shocked at the level of gore on display as the walkers go to town on the survivors.

With only two episodes left, things are starting to get serious.