IDW\’s Dungeons & Dragons Comic Review


You want to know the best comic you may have missed this month at the shop? IDW’s new Dungeons & Dragons comic. The new on-going series is written by TNT’s Leverage creator John Rogers with art by Andrea Di Vito, and I have honestly not read a more entertaining comic in years. If you’ve ever played either a pen & paper or computer D&D game, are a fan of fantasy, or just great fun comics you should head down to your local comic shop and see if they still have a copy of issue #1 left. There was also a short preview issue #0 previously released, which had a ten-page setup for this on-going series and a short preview of the Dark Sun limited series that begins in 2011.

If you missed issue #0, it introduced the main characters of the main run. It centers around a group of adventurers out of the town of Fallcrest. There’s the leader a Human named Adric Fell, a Dwarf Paladin named Kahl, the Elf Varis, and a Halfling Rogue named Bree. Issue #0 had the group heading into the Underdark (yes, I know that’s awesome!) where they encountered some Gnoll Slavers, a young Dragon, and a Tiefling Warlock named Tisha who became the newest member of the group.

Issue #1 picks up shortly after that with the group hanging out in the Fallcrest tavern when zombies attack. Only these aren’t normal zombies and the gang is pulled before the Lord Warden and accused of murder. They quickly learn that shadow (from Shadowfell) is infecting the people and turning them into zombies. The issue ends in a cliffhanger with zombie orphans, and it’s an amazing start for what will probably end up being one of IDW’s best books.

The thing that makes the D&D comic so awesome is the writing. John Rogers has created the perfect chemistry between the main characters, with plenty of humor. You get the feeling that they’ve been adventuring together for a while and they almost feel like some kind of warped family. It perfectly captures the tone of a great D&D session, and it makes the issues so entertaining to read. Andrea Di Vito’s art matches the tone of the writing perfectly, giving you a complete package. And even cooler? Each issue includes a 4th Edition adventure that’s fully playable.

IDW is off to an incredible start with their take on the Dungeons & Dragons license. The Dark Sun limited series arrives in January and the issue has an ad for something incredibly, head-exploding, cool coming in 2011. Two words: Salvatore. Drizzt.