PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV indefinitely delayed


If you’re one of those people holding out for the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV in the hopes that it’ll “fix” the game, you’d better stop holding your breath. In an interview with Eurogamer, Square Enix’s senior vice president of software development Hiromichi Tanaka reveals that while the PS3 version was originally scheduled to come out in March; they are focusing on fixing the PC version and hope to bring it to the PS3 once that’s done.

Eurogamer: Is the PS3 version still on course for release in March 2011?

Hiromichi Tanaka: Our priority is to bring satisfaction to Windows players, so we’re working hard on that. But as soon as we feel that’s done, we will focus on the PS3 version.

That being said, the Windows version is working on PS3 at the moment. We’re focusing on optimisation and adjusting the balance as well as fixing all the bugs. We would like to bring it to PS3 players as soon as possible.

Judging by how broken the PC Final Fantasy XIV, PS3 owners should probably expect to play the game around the time the PS4 is released.