GoG.com serves up more D&D love


We let you know previously how retro gaming side Good Old Games has been releasing classic Dungeons & Dragons PC games for about $10 each. You can already get Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, The Temple of Elemental Evil, and Planescape Torment from the site; all DRM free. In the last couple weeks they’ve added a couple more and they keep getting better.

Neverwinter Nights Diamond is now up on the site for $10, and for that it’s a steal. The Diamond edition of Bioware’s classic includes all three expansions as well as the premium modules released after the third expansion. Neverwinter Nights is one of the best PC games ever made, and with the DM module it’s the video game closest to the real D&D experience. Today, GoG released Icewind Dale II. The final official Infinity Engine game released, Icewind Dale II is a worthy sequel to the original.

As you can see, the only major recent D&D game missing from the site is Baldur’s Gate II and it’s obvious they are saving the best for last. It’s doubtful Neverwinter Nights II will make an appearance on the site as it’s too recent.