The Force Unleashed 2 DLC Revealed?


Just as with the first game, it looks as if Lucasarts is planning a bunch of additional downloadable content for The Force Unleashed 2. A poster on the NeoGAF forum (which has the worst moderation of any forum on the Internet) has discovered details of the DLC in the PC version, and the console ones should end up being the same:

DLC info was found in the game’s archives. I went through it and collated what I think is going to be in it:

•Endor level. Evil Starkiller turns up in the Rogue Shadow 2.
•Fight Ewoks, Leia, Han, Chewie and an AT-AT.
•3 types of Ewoks – rocks & slings, spears and gliders
•5 new challenges
•2 new costumes (both reskins of Starkiller)
•2 new saber crystals, yellow and silver (increase saber damage and increase force attack damage)

The Region screen for the Endor level makes mention of the second Death Star with the Emperor’s throne room.

The first post also includes a way to unlock the new costumes and saber crystals in the PC version.