John Carmack speaks RAGE…geeks listen.


id’s John Carmack has released a new blog post on the official Bethesda blog dealing with the upcoming mobile port of id’s new FPS RAGE. Carmack famously showed off the iPhone version of the game at this year’s Quakecon; causing geeks to to into spasms of disbelief that such a huge high-end PC game could run on a phone and look as good as it did at the show.

Well, Carmack clarified things saying that it isn’t a direct port of next year’s PC game due to how big the PC version is (about 20gigs of data). He did discuss what type of game the iOS RAGE game would be, and it sounds somewhat similar to Doom Resurrection on the iPhone, which was an on-rails version of Doom 3; although Carmack says iOS RAGE would have more freedom to look around.

He says development on the port has been going well since they revealed it at Quakecon, and the iOS version of RAGE should actually hit the App Store this month for .99 cents for iPhone and $1.99 for iPad.

In two follow-up Twitter posts, he says he will take a stab at porting it to Android but isn’t promising anything. A Windows Phone 7 port is very unlikely due to the platform not supporting C++.