10 Great Star Wars Fan Films


Ever since Kevin Rubio’s Troops became an internet sensation more than a decade ago, Star Wars fans have made fan films. Some are awesome and lead to entire web series such as Chad Vader, while others are absolutely embarrassing where fans feel that they can make their own super serious Star Wars movie. Usually that results in really bad effects and acting that would be laughed off a porn set. Due to that, this list only features fan films that approach things from a somewhat humorous or non-serious perspective. There are no fan epics here about their own stupid Jedi story.


While Hardware Wars proceeded Troops, Kevin Rubio’s COPS parody was the fan film that really started the craze. Even more than a decade after it was made it’s still hilarious. This is an absolute classic and one of the best fan films ever made. The humor still works all these years later and it’s still fun to watch.

Jar Jar Binks: The E! True Hollywood Story

Lucasfilm shamelessly ripped this one off with their R2D2: Beneath the Dome DVD. Any fan who saw this fan film rightfully boycotted that release. The original Jar Jar version of the story is infinitely funnier and we guarantee you probably won’t see anything funnier today than Jar Jar Binks snorting coke.

Chad Vader

Here’s one that spawned a whole web series and impressed Lucafilm enough that Chad Vader is now the non-James Earl Jones Vader that Lucasfilm uses in videogame such as The Force Unleashed. Watch one episode and you’ll be hooked on the entire series.

Pink Five

Pink Five is the sort of fan film that more people should try to match. Instead of attempting a serious Star Wars story, the makers just took a Valley Girl and slapped her into the Battle of Yavin. The reaction to this was so great, they took Pink Five through the entire Star Wars trilogy and the result was hilarious.

Trooper Clerks

Stormtroopers + Kevin Smith’s Clerks = Win. This is really one of the best parodies done, and it works so well because of all of the Star Wars references that Kevin Smith originally put in his movies. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter, they just go together.

The Solo Adventures

This is one of the newest fan films, and is amazing. It premiered, in 3D no less, at Celebration V and tells the previously untold story about how Han Solo dropped his cargo and why Jabba wants his head so bad. Great animation and an excellent Harrison Ford sound-alike make this one a new classic.

Don’t Go in the Endor Woods

Here’s a short “Grindhouse” style trailer set in the Star Wars universe, and of all the spoof trailers it’s by far one of the best. That final shot of a groping Ewok is just so disturbingly funny.


So you want to work for the Empire, eh? Here’s a brutally honest Imperial Recruitment video.

I.M.P.S. The Relentless

I.M.P.S. is a blatant rip-off/continuation of the TROOPS idea, but we can’t fault the makers for taking Kevin Rubio’s original idea and running with it. While there’s a bit less humor than that original video, the series gets props for continuing the documentary feel of following around Stormtroopers.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it)

You’ve probably seen this one recently, but it’s still hilarious. Everyone knows someone who hasn’t seen the holy trilogy, and this is pretty much what you’d expect from such a person.