Tron Night 2010 – 26 Minutes of Pure Awesome!


Tonight in select IMAX theaters around the world, Disney debuted roughly twenty-six minutes of mostly new Tron Legacy footage. What did they show? Naturally we were there absorbing every second of the awesome on display. Here’s the rundown:

The footage opens in 2D with the entire sequence in Sam’s apartment leading into the arcade. Alan is there and you get the sense that Sam’s a bit like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins (prior to his journey to become Batman) in that he’s not interested in running his father’s company in any way. Alan gives Sam the keys to the arcade and he goes in and turns on the power, which kick starts the jukebox complete with a Journey song. Inside the arcade there’s a quick shot of Flynn’s old loft from the original movie; only it’s naturally been abandoned for a couple decades. Sam discovers the secret room behind the Tron machine, and accidentally activates the laser that digitizes him into the world of  Tron.

Following that is a repeat of the footage shown at Comic Con and is currently on display at California Adventure, with nothing new. Thankfully everything following that is both new and absolutely cool.

We get a full Disc War sequence. Clu oversees the Disc Wars as if they are gladiatorial battles, while hooded and cloaked and looking totally bad-ass. The Disc Wars now take place in enclosed glass rooms that give a more three dimensional aspect to the game as the disc can bounce off the ceiling and floors in the enclosed space, as well as break the floors as with the original rings in the old Disc game.

After that is the scene where Quorra rescues Sam using the new four-wheel vehicle while being chased by enemy Lightcycles. They break out of the grid and head to the Safehouse, which is basically Kevin Flynn’s Batcave. Yup. Flynn has a frickin’ BATCAVE in the world of Tron. This leads to the scene where Sam is reunited with his father (cool Flynn dialog here; “I dreamed of Tron. First time in years.”) which was obviously put in the preview to illustrate how that’s a big part of the movie.

The footage ends with a similar montage from Comic Con and California Adventure; only with some new footage sprinkled in such as the awesome LIGHT JETS.

Tron Legacy is less than two months away, and this preview just made the wait even harder.