BlizzCon 2010: Opening Ceremony Liveblog


BlizzCon 2010 kicks off today in Anaheim, CA and continues through tomorrow. Keep an eye on this space for up to the moment updates from the Opening Ceremony. If there’s anything new that will be announced, this is where it will happen. Things are expected to get underway at 10:30am Pacific.

11:53AM – And with that, the Opening Ceremony ends.

11:50AM – Cataclysm Cinematic playing.

11:46AM – PVP Battle Arenas announced for Diablo III. Trailer running.

11:45AM – The fifth and final playable class in Diablo III is the Demon Hunter.

11:42AM – New Diablo III class trailer running now.

11:35AM – Massive props just given to EverQuest. Metzen: “I miss Halas.”

11:25AM – Diablo III update incoming. Metzen on stage.

11:24AM – Cataclysm will be available as a digital download for day 1.

11:22AM – Tenacious D will be uncensored in the closing ceremony, as it should be!

11:15AM – Highlight reel of the past year running now.

11:12AM – Arthas has been slain 489,000 times.

11:12AM – Moonkin Hatchling charity pet for WoW on sale in November. And they will be auctioning off some old WoW server hardware for charity.

11:09AM – Four new official custom StarCraft 2 mods on display at the show. They will be released for free to all players on BNet over the next few months.

11:04AM – Mike Morhaime on stage now.

11:03AM – He’s basically just prepping the audience for the Opening Ceremony.

11:01AM – Gary Platner from the WoW art team on stage.

11:00AM – Intro video showing. Going through the three main games at the show.


10:51AM – Rumors are floating around about a surprise announcement at the opening ceremony. A new Diablo III class is expected, so the surprise will either be Blizzard’s new MMO (with a new IP) or maybe Warcraft IV.

10:29AM – Room is still filling with people for the opening ceremony.