BlizzCon 2010 kicks off tomorrow!


Blizzard’s annual gaming convention kicks off tomorrow and runs through Saturday, and we’ll be doing our best to liveblog the big events at the show. Below you’ll find the full schedule of events from the official site, and if you see something you’d want to see covered, let us know in the comments and we’ll see how possible it is if it doesn’t clash with something we’re already planning on checking out. Here’s the list of panels from the official site:

Diablo III:
DIABLO III: CRAFTING SANCTUARY Saturday 10:30am, Developer Panel Stage
The designers, artists, programmers, and writers share new information on the characters, creatures, game systems, and story of Diablo III.

DIABLO III GAMEPLAY Friday 12pm, Main Stage
What’s in store next for the heroes of Sanctuary? Learn about the latest game developments in this don’t-miss panel for Diablo players.

DIABLO III OPEN Q&A Saturday 3pm, Main Stage
Got a burning question about the Burning Hells? The development team dedicates an hour to audience questions about the story, design, art, sound, and gameplay of Diablo III.

StarCraft II:
STARCRAFT II ART Saturday 12pm, Developer Panel Stage
Get a look at the tools used to create the art of StarCraft II, and find out how our artists develop the unique visual identity of the StarCraft universe. You’ll see a range of epic artwork created for the game in this panel.

Dive in with the designers of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign and learn more about the creation of custom maps using the powerful StarCraft II Editor. STARCRAFT II MULTIPLAYER Saturday 1:30pm, Developer Panel Stage
Interested in the science behind the thrill of competitive gameplay? The StarCraft II developers give you a behind-the-scenes look at data collected from multiplayer matches, leagues, and ladders, and explain how it all comes together in the art of balancing races and units.

STARCRAFT II SECRETS OF THE MASTERS Friday 1:30pm, Developer Panel Stage
Hear strategies and advice for players of all skill levels, find out how to move up the competitive ladder, and learn more about the nuances of resource management.

STARCRAFT II STORY Q&A Friday 4:30pm, Developer Panel Stage
Finished the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign and still have unanswered questions? Sit down with some of the storytellers who crafted the epic saga to learn more about the lore.

World of Warcraft:
WORLD OF WARCRAFT ART Saturday 3pm, Developer Panel Stage
See how the art team shapes Azeroth—and how they’re continuing to shake things up in the wake of Cataclysm.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT CLASS Q&A Saturday 12pm, Main Stage
Always an audience favorite, the class panel gives insight into the intricate workings and delicate balancing act of class design.

World of Warcraft’s raid and dungeon designers discuss how the game’s most epic PvE encounters are crafted.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT LIVE RAID Friday 4:30pm, Main Stage
Witness the thrill of victory and the agony of the wipe as one of the world’s leading raiding guilds takes on a series of intense boss encounters live on stage.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT OPEN Q&A Saturday 1:30pm, Main Stage
The creators of World of Warcraft dedicate an hour to answering BlizzCon audience questions about game design, lore, murlocs, and more.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT QUESTS AND LORE Friday 3pm, Developer Panel Stage
Embark on an epic journey with World of Warcraft quest designers and lorekeepers as they discuss the art of quest flow, the secrets of storytelling through gameplay, and much more.

Blizzard’s cinematic artists and storytellers give you a behind-the-scenes tour of the creative process that drives World of Warcraft: Cataclysm’s epic cinematics.

BLIZZARD CINEMATICS: STARCRAFT II Friday 12pm, Developer Panel Stage
Take an in-depth look at how the immersive in-game cut-scenes and pre-rendered cinematics for StarCraft II are created.

BLIZZARD SOUND Saturday 4:30pm, Developer Panel Stage
It’s all ears on Blizzard Entertainment sound and music! Join us for a discussion on how topnotch voice acting, dramatic orchestral scores, and striking sound effects are used to make Blizzard’s games even more epic.

Last year’s Live Raid was awesome with a Hogger boss that one-shotted the entire raid, so good things are expected this year.