GoG releases classic D&D PC games


After pissing off most of the PC-gaming community with their “fake” shutdown a couple of weeks ago, Classic PC gaming site GoG.com has relaunched and made up for their prank by releasing classic Dungeons & Dragons PC RPGs for less than $10 each. So far the site has the following games available:

Baldur’s Gate Complete – $9.99
Planescape Torment – $9.99
Icewind Dale Complete – $9.99
The Temple of Elemental Evil – $5.99

All of the games include everything from soundtracks to wallpapers, and they all have been updated to run on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (although Icewind needs to be run as an Administrator to work correctly). None of them have DRM so once you download the .exe you can install it however many times you want. Due to GoG’s recent prank, it’s also a smart idea to backup the .exe once you download them. Finally, as all of these games are pretty old; they’ll run on just about anything out there – including netbooks!

What more do they need to add? Baldur’s Gate II and Icewind Dale II are obvious games on the way. But we’d like to see the two Ravenloft RPGs, Menzoberranzan, Dark Sun, and all of the old Gold Box games.