Tron Legacy 3D preview at elecTRONica


Despite Disney’s claims to the contrary, the nine-minute “exclusive” 3D preview of Tron Legacy that they are showing at California Adventure isn’t really new or exclusive. Aside from one or two very small changes, it’s essentially the same footage Disney showed thousands of people at the San Diego Comic Con in July, but that doesn’t take away from how awesome it is.

Disney is showing the nine-minute extended trailer nightly at California Adventure in the MuppetVision 3D theater starting at around 6:00pm each night. While there were reports of lines as long as an hour to see it the first night of ElecTRONica, as the weekend went on that was no longer the case and if you get in line you’re likely to see the next showing of it.

What do you see? Basically the footage starts out with Sam Flynn’s introduction from the teaser trailer, in 2D. As soon as he’s digitized into the world of Tron things switch to 3D. This is true 3D. Avatar-style. No post-conversion here, and it looks absolutely stunning. The footage shows Sam being picked up by a Recognizer along with other wayward programs and is assigned to the Game Grid. It then shows how he gets into his light-up suit and then Daft Punk themselves kick off a quick montage of footage, a lot of which is from the second trailer.

What’s new from the Comic Con footage? Not much. This footage includes the “I’m not your father Sam, but I’m very very happy to see you” from the second trailer, however it is a much more refined version of CLU. People complained about the uncanny valley nature of CLU in that trailer, but it was obviously unfinished effects. In this footage CLU’s facial animation, especially around the mouth, is much more convincing.

The worst thing about this nine-minutes of footage? It makes the wait until December 17th even harder. We want Tron now!