Get Dead Space Ignition for free with Dead Space 2 pre-order


EA’s Dead Space was an excellent sci-fi game. And probably the best “Alien” game ever made. The game recreated the gritty-lived in sci-fi environment that made Alien so great, and tossed in the “oh crap what was that” style scares you’d expect from a sci-fi/horror movie. Well, the sequel is coming out in January and EA has announced that if you pre-order it, you’ll get the downloadable prequel for free.

“Dead Space fans are hungry for more Necromorph action and we’re thrilled that they don’t have to wait until January to get their fix. Dead Space Ignition is a great way to jump back into the Dead Space universe while the Visceral development team completes the final stages of Dead Space 2,” said Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer, Dead Space franchise. “Dead Space Ignition will show fans what happens in the hours leading up to the beginning of Dead Space 2 with gameplay that is fast-paced and accessible. It’s a fun way to dig deeper into the fiction, while allowing core fans to give Isaac Clarke an edge in Dead Space 2.”

If you don’t want to pre-order, you can download Ignition for $5 on PSN or 400 MS points on XBLA next week.