Avatar Extended Collector\’s Edition official for November 16th


We’ve known this was coming, but now it’s official. The extended edition of Avatar will hit BluRay on November 16th in a three-disc “Collector’s Edition”. Where the initial BluRay release had no extras, this one will be packed. You’ll get the original theatrical edition, the recent special edition, and an even longer extended edition (16 minutes added footage with the original opening on Earth). On top of that there will be a total of about 45 minutes of deleted scenes.

You’ll also get a feature-length documentary, and tons of archival stuff including the script and original treatment so you can see just how much Cameron ripped off Winds of Altair. Missing from the release is a Director’s Commentary, and in its place they have a family safe audio track with all the naughty words censored out. No, we’re not joking.

Perhaps the coolest feature on the BluRay is an Avatar version of the special feature from the old 300 HD-DVD and the BluRay re-release where you can watch the full movie as it was actually filmed or in a partial stage of completion. Guess all the Avatar fanboys will be heartbroken when they find out Pandora wasn’t real and the movie is just as animated as any Pixar release.