The Star Trek: Insurrection that almost was


Prior to his passing in 2005 Star Trek writer Michael Piller was working on a book detailing the writing of Star Trek: Insurrection. Paramount didn’t allow the book to be released, but what Piller had written before his death is now online thanks to TrekCore.

The book is fascinating for any Star Trek fan and especially fans of The Next Generation. The book includes multiple story drafts that give you a look at how Insurrection developed, and some of the early ideas really should have stuck around, such as the Romulans as the villains and the half-Romulan half-Klingon villain Joss. Data’s story arc in the early drafts was also great with some great references to early episodes of TNG.

Through the book you can see how the movie went from something that sounded very cool and would’ve been a worthy Star Trek movie to something that ended up being just a mediocre two hour episode of the series that happened to be released in theaters. In addition to all of the drafts, the book also includes all sorts of notes and even letters from the actors.

You can download a .doc file of the book via TrekCore right here.

Update: TrekCore has removed the manuscript at the request of Piller’s family.