Is Disney planning a Marvel themepark?


Ever since Disney acquired Marvel, people have been wondering when they would leverage the Marvel characters in their theme parks. Well if news out of Europe is to believed, such a thing is in the planning stages…for the Disneyland Paris Resort. Disney’s currently working on expanding their second park there, but they are planning a superhero park towards the end of the decade, from the Telegraph in the UK:

Philippe Gas, the chief executive of Euro Disney, said one idea for a third park is “a superheroes park” following the acquisition of Marvel by Disney – although the construction of a third park is a long-term vision. Mr Gas said there is a possibility that a decision to build a third park could come as late as 2020, although it may come earlier if planned work on the Disney Studios park is completed.

Universal already has a Marvel “island” in Islands of Adventure in Florida (and the Hulk coaster is seriously awesome), so who knows what kind of ideas Disney could come up with for a Marvel themepark.