9 Nerdy Toys That Make Us Wish We Were Still Kids


As geeks, we’re often prone to sporadic bouts of latent Peter Pan syndrome. After all, we still keep up with mediums and franchises attributed to young teenagers at best. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but sometimes when we pass by the toy aisle at the local Walmart, we can’t help but feel occasional pangs of nostalgia and wish that we were of the stature to justify purchasing them once again. Here are the toys that make us wish we were still kids again or at most make man-children of us all.

Spider-Man Web Shooter

We’ve all dreamed of being the wall crawler at some point and time. While this doesn’t imitate his web swinging action, this role-playing device enables kids to spray others in web fluid and let their imagination fill in the gaps.

AT-AT Figure

Remember the Imperial AT-AT figure of olden times? Well, it’s back, and better than ever. The thing resembled a play set more than an actual vehicle and there’s no doubt that Hasbro has updated it with new quirks.

Movie Realization Spider-Man

We may want to forget Spider-Man 3, but if any good came out of that film it has to be this golden jewel. The Movie Realization Spider-Man was manufactured by a Japanese company and features detailed articulation in figures that we’ve never seen before. Given the amount of attention paid to its sculpt, it’s better put to use on display rather than actual an action figure.


For those that don’t know, Kubricks are Japanese lego-like toys for specific franchises. The difference is that an absurd amount of detail renders them more like model figurines than anything else. Medicom, the company responsible for them, has done toys for Watchmen, Marvel, DC, and even Kamen Rider.

MMS DX-02 Dark Knight

Back in our day, the mold for action figures featured scarcely any detail. Sometimes, we were essentially buy blobs of plastic, which vaguely resembled our favorite characters. Those days are no more with collectibles such as these. This Dark Knight figure is like purchasing a miniature version of Christian Bale himself. Features include the ability to “roll” the figures eyes and interchange it with multiple heads. It comes replete with most of the lifelike gadgets from the beloved Dark Knight film.

Square-Enix Play Arts

Square-Enix has been renowned for releasing its share of nifty merchandising in the past. Their action figures are no exception. The company effectively produced it’s share of highly detailed action figures for its valued franchises like Final Fantasy (surprise), Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, and even Konami’s Metal Gear Solid. We could never buy any of them, primarily because video games are an addicting and money burning habit alone.

Medicom Toys

Kubricks aside, there are so many of them that it’s difficult to decide which to choose from. Instead, we’re lumping the entire company in one lot. The best that we can cite is the Kamen Rider Kabuto toy which looks like a shrunk down to size rendition of the original costume. Granted that it costs more than what any kid could afford, we still can’t imagine any adult purchasing it without a pang of buyer’s remorse.

Max Factory Guyver Figures

Thanks to artist Yoshiki Takaya, the character design for the Guyver Heroes have always been ridiculously detailed. Max Factory does justice to this by rendering them in fully posable models with interchangeable parts to demonstrate  their actions and attacks in the series.

Power Ranger Legends

The Power Ranger toys were novel back in the day, but were quite shoddy by today’s standards. Bandai has updated these vintage toys with appearances matching those of the Ranger’s actual details. Now, if only Saban would reacquire the rights and get a move on with producing another show.