Amazing Spider-Man #641 – Retconning a Retcon


We’ve said in the past that no self-respecting comic fanboy would touch Amazing Spider-Man due to what Quesada did and that it wouldn’t be right to even review an issue of ASM while One More Day was still being felt throughout the title’s run. Well, this week the fourth part of “One Moment in Time” came out and it seems to be Quesada recognizing that he did the biggest mistake in the 48 year history of Spider-Man by dissolving the Peter-MJ marriage and may be taking steps to try to win readers back.

At least that is your impression of the storyline. The end result isn’t exactly what you expect, but there’s hope for the future. And with Marvel recently planning out their next two years, hopefully someone beat Quesada over the head and put plans in motion to make the fans, the people who buy their comics, happy.

The final part of One Moment in Time sees Peter with Doctor Strange where the Sorcerer Supreme has agreed, with Stark and Richards, to wipe everyone’s memory of Peter’s real identity; including Mary Jane. However Peter couldn’t live without MJ, so he pulled her into his safety bubble while Dr. Strange hit the cosmic reset button. The end result is that MJ and Peter do somewhat recall being married, but they aren’t together at the moment. As readers will see in ASM #642 (also out this week), Peter and MJ are dating different people at the moment.

So MJ isn’t completely out of his life anymore, but they aren’t married anymore. This does leave open an option to hopefully someday fix what One More Day destroyed, but as of right now it’s really just a flimsy bandage on the overall Spidey mythos. Is it enough to start reading Spider-Man again? I’d say do so carefully and not get too attached to any ideas you have in your head. Be cautious. The Spideyverse can recover from the Quesada wrecking ball, but will Marvel allow it to?