8 Fan Homages to Yoda which won\’t make you \’Use the forks\’


Yoda is awesome! He is basically the Mr Miyagi of that galaxy far far away. He was responsible for equipping Skywalker with the tools to fend Darth Vader off from being able to “sweep the leg”, he also lived to 900 years old. It is incredible he made it past his teen years considering those wing nut ears and how easily he would have been bullied at Jedi Junior High.

Taking the above into account, Master Yoda deserves to be immortalised by artisans the world over, unfortunately the following examples demonstrate that food simply isn’t the right medium to express your adulation for the great man.

#1 Sinking Eye Yoda

garybusey yoda cake

This poor unfortunate cake Yoda suffers from the same subsiding ocular affliction as that horribly deformed monster below and Sloth from the Goonies.

# 2 Yoda & Yetti Share a Cake

cake with harry

On this cake Yoda looks justifiably perplexed at the cameo guest appearance from a rightly forgotten icon of the 80’s.

# 3 Coolest Birthday Cakes…Apparently

multi yodas

Wow! Either www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com are hilariously ironic or their standards are lower then those of George Lucas when he casted Hayden Christiansen.

#4 Cake From the Dark Side

worst yoda cake ever

Holly shit! I’ve been told that 15% of the universe’s Midichlorians died when this abomination was unleashed from an oven…I would consider tongue kissing Senator Palpatine a more savory option then eating a slice of this cake from the darkest corner of the dark side.

#5 Massive Melon Yoda

Star wars green guy with light sabor

The size of this Yoda’s cranium suggests he suffers from fetal drinking syndrome. It can be only be assumed as a result of his mother being nothing more then a common Mos Eisley Cantina whore. No doubt her standards were low, and if she had the chance she would’ve put out to Ja Ja’s granddad.

#6 Cupcakes Almost as Half-Assed as Death Star Engineering

rubbish yoda cupcakes

Not even trying! Master Yoda would be spinning in his slimy muddy grave on Dagobah if he knew about these half-assed cupcakes.

#7 More Jabba the Hutt then Pizza Hut

yoda pizza

Fear is the path to the dark olives. Fear leads to antipasto, antipasto leads to hot salami, hot salami leads to backend suffering.

#8 Don’t Try the Yoda Soda

Buyers beware! Finding out the origin of Yoda Soda would probably be more disturbing then when Fry discovered the source of Slurm.

This article was written and directed by James Faust. You can checkout more of his work at: www.thelamest.com