20 of the Creepiest Kids in Movies


They look harmless.  Soft features, big eyes and high pitched voices lure you in.   Their natural defenses cause you to lower yours.  A familiar song or nursery rhyme lead you off by yourself.  Will you fall prey to this list of less than cuddly cherubs?

Grady Twins – The Shining (1980)

Grady Twins The Shining

Often imitated The Grady Twins.  Go with what works.  Twins are creepy.

Emily and Jenna Strutemyer ‘Itchy Girls’ – Slither (2006)

Warning: Harboring the larval spawn of an invading species can lead to eczema.  It’s not Poison Ivy, girls.

Children of the Corn (1984)

Glenn Beck’s Romper Room.  ‘nuff said.

Wednesday Addams – The Addams Family (1991/1993)

Ricci’s Eight-head <(forehead)2> is enough to add this Addams to the list.

Kyra Collins – The Sixth Sense (1999)

WTG out creeping an Osment.  Well done.  More Pine Sol?

Dylan Porter – New Nightmare (1994)

Yeah, me too…Never sleep again.

Tony Malone – Witch Mountain (1975/1978/2009)

Tony looked destined to turn evil.  Glad he and his sister made The Fantastic Journey back for the Race to Witch Mountain.

Briana – Quarantine (2008)

Small, angry child locked in a walk-up.  Does not look like a head cold to me.

Tomas – The Orphanage (2007)

Simon’s playmate takes care of him while Mom is busy.  Hey, Mom, it’s 10:00 do you know where the children are?

Lisa – Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)

From darling to snarling faster than you can say “Come with me if you want to…oops”

Toshio Saeki – (Ju-On)The Grudge (2002/2003)

You would be creepy too if your Mom was a croaking Cousin It look-alike with a bone to pick.

Henry Evans – The Good Son (1993)

Macaulay Culkin successfully steps outside his Uncle Buck/Home Alone character.  Elijah Wood successfully claims the success reserved for all three Lawrence brothers.

Bubblegum Gang – Hostel (2005)

Guys in a warehouse paying $1000’s for a human life.  On the street you are worth a piece of gum.

Damien Thorn – The Omen (1976)

The gold standard for evil in a teeny tiny package.  Talk about diplomatic immunity.

Sadako Yamamura – Ring (1998)

She’s not the first ghostly girl with long locks and a Grudge.  She will hound you worse than Blockbuster for those extended rental charges.

Haley Stark – Hard Candy (2005)

Can you torture an alleged pedophile enough to feel sorry for him?…Almost.

Gage Creed–Pet Semetary (1989)

The ground over there has gone sour.  Sometimes dead is better.  Still not sleeping.

Jane Hudson – What ever Happened to Sweet Baby Jane (1962)

Maybe you caught the remake – The Two Coreys (too soon?)

Regan MacNeil – The Exorcist (1973)

Spider Walking, Pea Soup, Vulgar Profanity, Inappropriate use of a crucifix.  See, Mr. Roth, no need for the Last one when the First one was so good.

Corey Feldman – Just Corey Feldman (1971/Present)

He’s creepy.  I think he knows it and it makes him a little sad.  Gremlins, Lost Boys, Stand By Me, Friday the 13th IV-V and License to Drive make Feldman a franchise player.

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