George Lucas goes after \’Jedi Technology\’ company


A few short months after Lucas went after a company for making a laser that looked like a lightsaber, he has once again set his sights on a company trying to profit from Star Wars. The gadget in question is a headset called “Jedi Mind” and Lucas is going after them for a cool five million.

The defendant is Jedi Mind, Inc., which touts a wireless headset that detects brainwaves on both a conscious and non-conscious level and can even make it possible for users to play games or run software applications with thoughts alone.

The technology calls to mind the famous “Jedi Mind trick” as featured in the “Star Wars” films. According to Wikipedia’s hilariously dry description, the mind trick refers to a “spectrum of force powers which influenced the thoughts of sentient creatures, most commonly used to coerce into agreement by suggestion through voice manipulation, or to cause one to reveal information. This allowed its practitioners to resolve matters in a non-violent way.”

In short, you’d be able to get headshots in video games using the force (or so they make it sound).

LucasFilm sent a cease-and-desist letter to Jedi Mind in May 2009. A week later, Jedi Mind’s chief, Brent Fouch, offered to phase his company out of Jedi Mind marks. LucasFilm accepted the offer, but now claims the company did no such thing. LucasFilm sent a second cease-and-desist letter last September and says it attempted to settle the situation without a lawsuit. JediMind is selling three products — “Master Mind,” “Jedi Mouse” and “Think Tac Toe.”

Here is a copy of the actual complaint