Back to the Future III: WTF?


I love Back to the Future III and it’s easily my favorite of the two sequels. Sure the second has the flying Delorean and the hoverboards, but the story was all over the place. The third combined a western with scifi comedy and that’s a feat that’s been attempted a couple times since (Wild Wild West, and Jonah Hex…although the second one wasn’t an intentional comedy) and it hasn’t really been matched.

In all the times I’ve watched BTTF3, I’ve never noticed this. At the end of the movie, right when Doc Brown is talking to Marty and Jennifer (and the totally Spielberg-influenced “When You Wish Upon a Star” is heard on the soundtrack), the kid playing Doc Bown’s son Verne does something…well just check out the video below.

I checked out the DVD and confirmed that this does happen and isn’t something just made up on Youtube.