Modern Warfare 2 for the poor


Want to play Modern Warfare 2, but can’t afford it? Have the original Doom? Here’s a solution to your problem. Download the MW2 Doom Wad and Skulltag and follow these instructions:

#1 After downloading the file from Filefront proceed to downloading Skulltag from the link above then set it up with your Doom 2 or Doom 1 directory.
#2 Pull the 4 wad files into the Skulltag.exe to load the mod.
#3 If you want to play as shown in the video, don’t pull the monster wad in case you want standard Doom enemies.
#4 You also might want to turn Freelook to TRUE in your skulltag-YOURUSERNAME.
#5 Most keys will be unbinded! So you need to do that in the ingame options.