7 Nail Biting Heists in SciFi


There’s something about breaking and entering to retrieve a cache of coveted treasures which really gets our imagination running. Whether it be for an on going war or simply for the sake of personal gain, heists are valued tropes in the cinematic world. Science Fiction is no exception. In this list, we compound a series of heists for SciFi related movies. We’re positive that there were some that we missed, so be sure to share with us some of yours in the comments section.

Capturing the Amulet (Monster Squad,  1987)

A little known cult classic, the film features a group of kids set out to thwart Dracula’s plans for world dominance through a magic amulet. Alone, without any weapons at their disposal, “Fat Kid”, Sean, and Eugene venture into the mansion housing the amulet in their efforts to save the world. The best part about this heist is that it resolved the age old question:  “Does Wolfman have nards?”

Assault on Cyberdyne (Terminator 2: Judgement Day, 1991)

Mankind’s savior, John Conner, sets out to save the future once and for all by retrieving the T-800’s CPU and metal forearm from Cyberdyne’s headquarters. As long as it exists, the company has the chance of reverse-engineering it into what will one day become the world’s destroyer–Skynet. With the S.W.A.T. team in the front and the promethean T-1000 at their back, the challenges they faced were more than equal to what was at stake.

NOC List’s Retrieval (Mission Impossible, 1996)

In a scene which has been parodied multiple times on television, Ethan Hunt stood suspended from a cable as he hacked into a computer’s database. If he so much as touched the floor, he would have alerted security, thus compromising their mission.

Key Maker’s Abduction (The Matrix, 2003)

With the possibility of the war with the machine’s at an end, Zion establishes an operation to retrieve the Key Maker program to allow access of The One to the Matrix’s source. In long sequence which involves not only a car chase, a sword fight with ghosts, and an endless stream of kung-fu fights, we were at the edge of our seats until its climax. Now if only we could understand a single word The Architect said.

Doctor Octopus’s Robbery (Spider-man 2, 2004)

Remembered as the last good Spider-man movie, Sam Raimi’s sequel had equally impressive fights to match the relatable story. While we were transfixed with Peter Parker’s dilemma, the movie really did shine during the heated fights between Doc Ock and the webbed wonder. Otto Octavius’s bank robbery was no exception.

Gotham City Bank Robbery (The Dark Knight, 2008)

Expectations were high for Christopher Nolan’s sequel to the Batman Reboot and its opening scene didn’t disappoint. With a group of men in clown masks, there were lingering thoughts as to where The Joker was during all of this. As the robbers turned on each other one by one, Heth Ledger’s character finally revealed himself at the end when the loot was safe and secure. It turns out, contrary to his minion’s dissenting opinion, he did like to get his hands dirty.

Inception (Inception, 2010)

Unless you haven’t been in theaters during the past month or so, there’s no chance you haven’t heard about this one. In this giant mind fuck of a movie, a group hacks their minds into a corporate executive to implant the idea of destroying his chairman father’s economic empire for the sake of preventing a global monopoly. Our hands were sweaty from excitement until the very end, even when DiCaprio’s “totem” continued to spin and prepare to topple.