10 Deadliest Creatures of Star Wars


The Star Wars galaxy is filled with lots of things that will make you just have a bad day. You can be killed in so many different ways by the creatures across the galaxy that it would take years to name them all. Below you’ll find ten of the deadliest creatures in the Star Wars universe.


Not much is yet known about the Gorog yet, other than the fact that it eats Rancors as an after dinner mint. The Gorog is first seen in the debut trailer for The Force Unleashed II where he makes short work of a full grown Rancor.

Krayt Dragon

One of the deadliest creatures on Tatooine, the Krayt Dragon is known for making life very short for anyone who wanders into their path. Of course, if you’re a defense stacking exploiter Krayts are no problem for you.


Timothy Zahn introduced us to lots of cool stuff with his Heir to the Empire Trilogy (Thrawn, Mara Jade, etc.), but one of the best was the Vornskr. The perfect thing to kill a Jedi, these predators hunt using the Force.


How do you make a Vornskr even deadlier than they already are? Cross-breed them with another creature to make an even more lethal Jedi killer. That’s exactly what the Vong did in the New Jedi Order to create the Voxyn.


While a Sarlaac won’t exactly chase after you, it’d definitely not something you’d want to fall into. Slowly being digested over a thousand years? No thanks. If you play The Force Unleashed, there’s even a level that takes place inside one of these creatures so you can see what Boba Fett did when he was pulled in.


The classic “holy crap don’t eat me” beast in the Star Wars universe. There’s no way we couldn’t include the Rancor here. And he’s just become cooler over the years. From the Force Witches riding them on Dathomir, to the Bull Rancors in The Force Unleashed, this guy is a classic.


Not quite a Rancor, but the closest thing the Prequel trilogy has to one. Multi-legged with each leg being just as lethal as the mouth, this guy has quickly become a favorite killing machine in Star Wars comics, books, and videogames.


Taking second fiddle to the Acklay in Episode 2, the Nexu is just as deadly. Ignoring the sharp claws and porcupine-style spikes along its back, just look at that mouth.


The Wampa of Hoth is one deadly creature we really didn’t get enough of in Empire, mostly due to a scene being cut. Originally, the Rebels managed to trap a couple of them in a room that they sealed off. When they’re evacuating; 3PO rips the warning sign off the door and the dumb Snowtroopers go right on in to be mauled by the captured Wampas.

Jar Jar Binks

What’s Jar Jar doing on this list? Well, he’s responsible for more deaths than any creature listed here. If Jar Jar did not hand over emergency powers to Chancellor Palpatine in Episode 2, there would be no Galactic Empire. No Galactic Empire means no Death Star, and no Death Star means that Alderaan was never blown up or the countless other people killed by the Empire would still be alive. You see, it’s all Jar Jar’s fault. All of it.