10 Comic Book Drug Addicts


Back in the day, comics once instilled the woes of drug abuse into us to scare us away from even some of the legally recreational drugs out there. This isn’t as much the case any more. Comicdom currently has its share of heroic drug offenders who depend as much on a fictional performance enhancer to get the job done. Others still demonstrate the debilitating effects of narcotics abuse to the previous effect. With both these narratives in mind, we name 10 Comic Book Drug Addicts.

Harry Osborn

After Seduction of the Innocent brought a crack down on comics featuring drugs, Stan Lee took defied that standard by depicting it in a negative light. The offender was no other than Peter Parker’s bestfriend, Harry Osborn who eventually overdosed on LSD.


This meth addict injected a concoction of animal DNA believing it was his favorite drug of choice.


Poor Eli Bradley only wanted to follow in the footsteps of his super hero grandfather, Isaiah. Unfortunately, he didn’t inherit his grandfather’s traits since he was infused with the Super Hero serum after his son’s conception. Without any other resources available, he resorted to taking a MGH (Mutant Growth Hormones) to keep up with the rest of the Young Avengers. Eventually a blood infusion from his grandfather granted him the abilities of Captain America securing his place as the Young Avengers field leader.

Ultimate Colossus

The Ultimate Universe has deviated from the mainstream world in a lot of ways. Not only is Colossus’s sexuality quite different, but so are his powers. In the past, he has been shown to over Magneto’s abilities and hold his own against Thor and Iron Man simultaenously. All of this came about from the drug “Banshee” which enhanced mutant powers. Without them, he couldn’t so much as hold his arms up  in his steel form.

Kid Omega

Quintin Quire and “The Omega Gang” used a highly addictive drug called “Kick” to enhance their abilities and wreak havoc on the outskirts of Xavier’s Institute. Eventually this drug caused Sophie, one Quire’s crushes to overdose and die. If this weren’t enough, the drug also caused him to ascend to a disembodied plane of existence.


The man who broke The Bat did so with the aid of an artificial growth serum which augmented his body and strength to grotesque proportions. Like most drugs, it also wracked his body with painful withdrawel symptoms when he didn’t take a frequent dose on a reoccurring basis.

Elongated Man

Many fan boys will argue that it isn’t a drug, but when someone requires gingko juice to “stretch” himself, we call it a dependency.

Johnny Quick

Unlike The Flash, this evil counterpart relied on an injection of “speed juice” infused with former “Johnny Quick” to run at light speed. Without it, he experience withdrawal symptoms similar to that of a delayed heroin junkie.


A clone of Bart Allen and like Johnny Quick, he’s dependent on a formula called Velocity 9 to keep up to pace with The Flashes. A previous form of Velocity 9 degenerated its users to the point aging them rapidly and ruining their bone structure. Deathstroke modified the drug and eliminated its side effects for Inertia’s use.

Tony Stark

No list concerning super hero drug abuse is complete without ‘ol Shell Head in account. Tony Stark was undergoing a stressful point in his life and used alcohol to cope with his problems. What followed, was a stormy drama which almost resulted in his expulsion from The Avengers. Without a doubt, Stark is the most prominent (recovering) alcoholic in comics.