New race and space info for The Old Republic


Today the official Old Republic site finally revealed information on some of the new playable races that you can choose from in the game. These (and the classes they can be) include:

Sith Pureblood – This is Naga Shadow’s race and the original race of Sith that the dark Jedi interbred with thousands of years ago. They can be Sith Warriors.

Miraluka – Blind Force users who can become Jedi Knights.

Mirialans – Green-skinned aliens who can be Jedi Counselors

Zabrak – Darth Maul’s race. They can be Sith Inquisitors.

So basically two for the Republic and two for the Sith. You can see screenshots of each race on the official site.

As for the space combat, it actually doesn’t exist as you’d hope. The October issue of PC Gamer confirms that the space combat will be an on-rails shooter more along the lines of Rebel Assault as opposed to X-Wing or TIE Fighter and every other space MMO on the market.

Star Wars Galaxies, Star Trek Online, and EVE Online all allow full space combat that isn’t on rails. The Old Republic won’t allow this as you’ll only be able to move your ship up, down, left, and right as it flies along a pre-determined course. As bad as SWG may be to some people, it’s pretty sad that a seven-year-old MMO based on the same franchise features real space combat when a modern game won’t.