9 Badass Cars in Science Fiction


Science fiction movies have plenty of ships and other flying vehicles as their disposal and multiple lists have been compounded in commemoration of this. But what about their wheeled vehicles? Science Fiction fans scarcely give pause to the cars of tomorrow and focus more on their aircrafts. Certainly not every civilian in the year 2220 can own a spaceship, but an every day ground car couldn’t be out of the question. This is why we’re counting the most Badass Cars in Science Fiction for the occasion of when we’re trying to look sexy or simply trying to eff another driver’s sh*t up.

Tumbler (Batman Begins, 2005)

The Batmobile has been rendered countless times on television and the movies to the extent that it could fill up the breadth of an entire article. Many fans took issue with Christopher Nolan’s “Batmobile” taking the shape of a tank rather than it’s namesake, but no one can argue that for the first time the Dark Knight’s vehicle of choice was designed solely with the purpose of destroying everything in its path

2054 Lexus (Minority Report, 2002)

Lexus actually paid the producers $5 Million to design these futuristic cars and slap their names on them. While this seems like an over the top promotional strategy, we have to agree that these cars look sleek enough to make even the bleakest of futures to look all the more brighter.

Mad Max (Mad Max, 1979)

The cars featured in Mad Max may not be top of the line. What do you expect in a post-apocalyptic world where everything has gone to hell? In spite of this, his make shift attempts at weaponizing what little is left in the world makes these vehicles all the more memorable.

DeLorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future, 1985)

The DeLorean was never a very markettable vehicle. However, its reconstruction as a time machine by Doc Brown is what transformed this otherwise dismissable consumer product into a Hollywood icon. Other vehicles on this make their mark for their sheer destructive force. The DeLorean had the power to change the world without so much as firing a bullet.

Harvester (Dune, 1984)

We’re well aware that it looks like crap, but how many cars out there can defend you from sand worms and gather clairvoyent narcotics at the same time?

APC (Aliens, 1986)

The Colonial Marines had a full arsenal of gear that would make every military futurist drool. Their transportational APC is no exception, with gun turrets to combat the galaxy’s most lethal predators and with an armored shell nearly strong enough to resist their acid.

Kaneda’s Bike (Akira, 1988)

We understand that it’s not a car per se, but we couldn’t resist adding this erotic bike to the mix. It’s easily one of the most memorable objects in this classic anime and well worth trying to kill your best-friend over.

OGP Police Cruiser (Robocop, 1987)

It’s no surprise that someone as big and bad as Robocop would need an equally badass vehicle to secure the streets of Detroit. It’s no Batmobile, but it does the job of pursuing the baddies in this privatized dystopia.

Mach 5 (Speed Racer, 2008)

As with a lot of things anime inspired, the Mach 5 may look silly, but it does the job despite the lack of weapons at its disposal. At the end of the day, you’ll want something that helps you win the competition rather than destroy it.