8 of the Sluttiest Superheroes


Like rock stars, superheroes often use their fame to their romantic advantage. While many search for something tried and true, few lack the same commitment as most of the Sex and the City stars. Say what you will about their lifestyles. You know that if you were among the superhero elite, you’d do the same. Here is our list of superheroes that get around, but we’re open to suggestions.


Often labeled the Ally McBeal of the Marvel Universe, this lawyer and part time adventurer has ridden the love horse raw through the years. So much so, that she even asked Tony Stark if there was an engendered double standard…after sleeping with him.  Further more, she’s been more than forward with Wolverine and has even bedded the likes of Juggernaut briefly. We don’t mean to judge, but once you go Juggernaut, it’s physically impossible to go back.

Iron Man

As a reputed billionaire playboy with more time than God and more money than the Devil at your disposal, you’re likely to have more notches on your belt than you can count. It’s so much so, that we as readers have lost track ourselves. As mentioned, he’s bedded She-Hulk and has had a long line of girlfriends in the past not including some of the anonymous hook ups he’s guaranteed to have had.


We get that Bruce Wayne has to go to certain lengths to throw off the sneaking suspicion that he’s the Batman, but sometimes he takes that persona way too far. He’s flirted with the likes of Vicky Vale and courted multiple villainesses since his tenure as the caped crusader. Apparently, he forgets to wear protection as well given that he bore an illegitimate son to Tali al Ghul.


There’s no doubt that Matt Murdock has enough mother issues to make Freud drool. You would too if she was estranged from you and was a practicing nun. It should come as no surprise then that he has racked up his share of casual hook ups and failed relationships with rather dangerous figures like the Black Widow and Typhoid Mary no less. Many men can say yes, but the Daredevil can never say no.


It’s amusing that Gail Simone is responsible for the feminist theory of “women in refrigerators,” yet her portrayal of Huntress reinforced frivolous stereotypes of women even further. In Simone’s treatment, Huntress went so far as to sleep with her fellow teammate’s ex and Black Canary’s quasi-step son on separate occasions. If that weren’t enough, she even serviced a parking attendant in exchange for help.

Black Canary

Dinah will try anything. Just ask anyone, especially a teenaged Ray Terrill.


Talk about a woman who gets around both the superhero and supervillain community. She’s romanced the likes of Clint Barton during her tenure on the Thunder Bolts. Apparently, since she worked hard, she also decided to play hard and finished a mission early to sleep with a S.H.I.E.L.D. Government agent. Like any person of character, age is really just a number to her since she courted and bedded Marvel Boy during his brief enlistment in Norman Osbourne’s Dark Avengers.

Invisible Woman

We have nothing other than her potentially less than platonic relationship with Namor, but we’re going to go with Twisted Toyfare Theater’s parody of her as promiscuous since there’s a layer of truth to their jokes.


You’d expect Wolverine’s son to have an insatiable libido given his blood relations. What we didn’t expect was that he’d play for both teams. He’s used his pheromone manipulating powers to seduce both women and men alike to advance his as of yet unrevealed agenda.


We’re talking about the Marvel douche, not the video game character. You’d expect a character who’s sole power is give people “waves of pleasure” to catch plenty of tale. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that this led to a court accusation of mental date rape.