Predators Review – It doesn\’t suck!


Let me get this out of the way right now; Predators does not suck. It’s a better sequel to the original than Predator 2 was, and it completely wipes away the bad taste and outright nausea created by the AVP movies.  It’s a sequel in the same vein as Aliens was to Alien, and is a worthy successor to 1987’s Predator.

The movie’s set on an alien world that acts as a big game preserve where the Predators can drop off whatever variety of game they want to hunt that season. Through a variety of humans (ex-military mercenary, current military, Russian Spetsnaz, RUF soldier, drug cartel enforcer, Yakuza,  death row inmate, and a doctor), the film follows the formula to the letter; as you’d expect. One by one they’re taken out in sometimes gory ways until only one (?) survivor remains.

This time it’s not your tame PG-13 AVP violence where punches are pulled. There’s gore for sure, and those expecting a classic Predator spine+skull removal won’t be disappointed, although I did notice that it seems to be a tad less gory than the original movie. It wasn’t disappointing, but if you can handle the original two, this will feel a little tame.

While Predator 2 has its fans, the movie seems to ignore that it exists; despite one part in original script was going to be Danny Glover’s character. There’s a definite acknowledgement of the original movie, little cool references scattered about, and even a small mention of Dutch (although not by name).

It’s in no way a retread of the first movie, and is instead a real sequel and one we should’ve got a long time ago; before the abysmal AVP movies tarnished two awesome science fiction franchises. The ending leaves open definite sequel possibilities and if Predators is any sign of things to come, the days of cartoonish Predators fighting CG aliens may be over and we may have some great hardcore violent scifi action on the way.

Predators is worth your money and is worthy of the name. Go see it.