Simon Pegg – champion of iPhone users around the world


Yesterday, geek superstar Simon Pegg, accidentally dropped his new iPhone 4 from a moving car and cracked its glass case. He tweeted about it, and naturally got blasted by the army of Android users who obviously do nothing but sit at their computer ready to comment/blast/tweet negative drivel about the iPhone.

What followed is what may be the best tech-related tweet of 2010:

“A fart of bitter snipes always follow Apple tweets. Idea – love something you do use rather than piss and moan about something you don’t.”

Simon Pegg, star of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scotty in Star Trek; and now champion to all iPhone users who have to put up with crap from jealous Android users.

As for his cracked iPhone? Well he’s naturally getting it replaced, but he does have this to say about it:

“It still works perfectly well by the way. Still gorgeous but with an interesting scar. Like Harrison Ford.”