4 SciFi Weapons You\’ll Need If Aliens Ever Invade


Weapons Free: When you absolutely positively have to kill every cyborg or alien invader in the room.

When you are responsible for the survival of the last of the human race or when you’re trying to defend a planet from a threat so malevolent that it’s existence is a state secret, you need a weapon you can trust.  Han Solo had his trusty BlasTech DL-44 slung low and holstered in a fast draw rig that left the trigger guard exposed.  Solo ran with the front sight filed down to give him that extra eighth of a second drop in a firefight.  Captain Kirk had his phaser.  Leslie Nielsen had a good ol’ ray gun in “Forbidden Planet.”  Unfortunately, even though you have the means travel across the galaxy, directed energy weapons are not an option.  You are gonna kick it old school.  No problem.  In the words of a wise gunfighter from the American West, “God created all men but Sam Colt made’em all equal.”

Slug throwers.  Kinetic energy weapons.  Thunder sticks.  Hard calibers.  Good old fashioned guns firing good old fashioned bullets will serve you as well as any laser pistol.  Unlike their energy based counter parts, the firearms seen in many of today’s most popular movies and television shows are more than well dressed props.  They are real.

FN P90

SG-1, the flagship team for Stargate Command, fought off alien invasion for 10 years.  They saw action on hundreds of worlds, faced dozens of different hostile forces, and liberated the oppressed all across the galaxy.  The mainstay in their arsenal was the P90 by FN Herstal.

In a case of art imitating life, in the first two seasons of “Stargate SG-1”  Col. O’Neill and Capt. Carter slung H&K MP5s, a compact submachine gun that fires pistol caliber ammunition.  The MP5 was also the weapon of choice for elite police units and special operations troops like the U.S Navy Seals.  With the proliferation of body armor, soldiers (real and imaginary) needed a compact weapon with the firepower to defeat a better protected enemy.  Enter the P90 – a weapon so reliable even an archeologist can run one.  The P90 has been employed in both Gulf Wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and by police the world over – and by Stargate teams all across the galaxy.

FN Five-seveN

Aviators and Marines of the Colonial Fleet were not just defending the Articles of Colonization but where the only armed force the stood against the Cylon threat.  During the last three seasons of “Battlestar Galactica,” The FN Herstal Five-seveN was the chosen sidearm of the Colonial Fleet.

Developed in concert with the P90, the Five-seveN is a companion weapon the fires the same cartridge as it’s big brother.  The Colonial variant of the Five-seveN sported a nifty attachment that fired a big explosive round – perfect for knocking down the big chrome toasters.  The real life version has an accessory rail where a flashlight or laser can be attached.

Beretta Cx-4 Storm

There is an adage among modern-day gunfighters, use your pistol to fight your way to your rifle.  The rifle of choice for the Colonial Fleet was the Beretta Cx4 Storm.  The Colonial Cx4 Storm was widely used during the Exodus from the Colonies and took down many cylons, skin jobs and toasters alike.  The Cx4 fires pistol caliber ammunition so it probably wouldn’t dent a toaster.  The Colonial Cx4 did sport some real life tactical accessories: a red dot sight and a compact flashlight.


Earthbound warriors defending the home world require a weapon that isn’t just powerful; it has to be reliable and modular.

Magpul, a small Colorado-based company, developed a rifle called the Masada – a weapon that retained the best elements of and eliminate the flaws of the M4/AR-15 platform.  The Masada offered improved ergonomics, enhanced reliability, and a level of modularity never before available.  With the Masada, soldiers can change barrel lengths and calibers in the field and without heavy tools.  In a few minutes, a  Masada can go from a close quarters battle configuration to a sniper type configuration and back again.  Magpul partnered with Remington to manufacture the military version and with Bushmaster Firearms to manufacture to the civilian variant of the Masada.  The Masada has been renamed the ACR or Adaptive Combat Rifle and it has been featured in both “Transformers” movies, “Terminator: Salvation”, the video game “Modern Warfare 2,” and in the upcoming Christopher Nolan film “Inception.”

Whether you’re hunting skinjobs, eliminating cyborgs, blasting toasters, or slaying Goa’ould there is a real weapon that can handle the job.  Who says science fiction is fiction.

Good hunting.