10 Comic Characters That Need to See the Big Screen


Anyone awake during the 2000s will tell you, comic adaptations have become a tremendous fad as of late. Despite the wide succession of comic book inspired flicks released each year, Hollywood has only begun to tap the medium’s potential.

We’re counting down the 10 comic characters that producers have overlooked for cinematic consideration.


Yes, we know that the bio-boosted armor had its silver-screen honor back in 1991 and even received a direct-to-video sequel afterward. What we want is a proper treatment of the original manga, not a campy re-rendition of Adam West’s Batman in a Power Ranger suit. The Guyver franchise has tremendous potential as an ultra-violent super hero flick much like the Robocop movies of yore.


Unlike Magneto, who’s more preoccupied with the militant mutant rights agenda, this X-Men villain is solely bent on the “survival of the fittest” whether they be mutant or human. Our only qualm with this idea is whether or not just one movie is big enough to contain this baddie.

The Darkness

There are two genres most beloved by American audiences: mafia and super hero flicks. Directors can tap into both simultaneously with this Top Cow character, who wields dark constructs not unlike the Green Lantern. What differentiates him from Hal Jordan is that he’s a former mafia hitman on the wrong side of the law, but with a strict set of morals.

A Superman Villain Who Isn’t Lex Luthor Without the Same Powers

As of yet, the movie-viewing world hasn’t seen a Superman villain who isn’t Lex Luthor without powers analogous to the Man of Tomorrow’s. (No, Nuclear Man doesn’t count). Hopefully, the upcoming Christopher Nolan adaptations will offer a little more diversity with the likes of Brainiac.


This slapstick fantasy about the cartoonish Bone family has been in speculation over the decade. The only thing that we have to say is to hurry it up.


Hollywood has been eager to adapt the Y: The Last Man graphic novel since its conclusion. Indeed, the story of a the Earth’s last surviving man has the potential for geo-political and gender commentary so it should come as no surprise. All that we ask is please don’t cast Shia Labouff.


Magneto’s cocky son would make a great addition to the X-Men mythos. His strained relationship with his father and memorably brash attitude deserves an onscreen depiction.


Back in the early 2000s, the Witchblade saga saw its televised debut, but as of yet, is still awaiting a theatrical adaptation. It’s been in the works for a while, but no progress has been announced despite its past 2009 and 2010 time stamp. Our primary suggestion is that they avoid considering Meghan Fox for the lead role since it’s doubtful that she can carry a movie on her own.


We’re well aware that Boliver Trask’s mutant hunting drones technically made an appearance in the 3rd X-men film. However, since it was merely a Danger Room simulation, it shouldn’t count.

Dream (Sandman)

The Sandman series is one of Neil Gaiman’s most beloved works and offers endless potential as an ongoing film series unseen since the likes of Harry Potter.

Think we’ve missed any key characters?  Feel free to drop your suggestions below.