Star Wars at E3


Next week is the annual E3 gaming trade show in LA, and we’ll be there to check out all the new games coming later in the year. But what’s there for Star Wars? Well, lets take a quick look at what is expected to show up:

Star Wars: The Old Republic – This will definitely be at the show and we’ll be checking it out for you and bring back complete hands on and maybe even an interview with a dev or two (if we can swing it).

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – Also definitely at the show and we’ll have hands on with it right after we check out The Old Republic. As the first game was so good, this is one of the big ones there.

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars – Not confirmed to show, but expected. It’s said to be the largest of the Lego games yet, and the first two Star Wars ones were great.

Clone Wars Adventures – SOE just announced this FreeRealms-style free-to-play MMO and they have a rather large booth in the West Hall, so it won’t be surprising to see it appear.

E3 runs next week with the main show days being Tuesday through Thursday. Look for lots of updates as we get back and we’ll be doing some live coverage straight from the show floor.