Lost Planet 2: Co-op that’s fun and frustrating


OK, so I am man enough to admit that I loved Lost Planet.  It was one of the first games I played to completion on my Xbox 360 when the system was still young and so its pretty clear that I would find myself playing Lost Planet 2 soon after it came out.

Unfortunately, when my poor first generation launch 360 finally succumbed to massive hardware failure I found myself having to put off Lost Planet 2 and many other games for another time.  Thankfully, that other time recently arrived and I am happily grinding my way through Lost Planet 2 with a few friends.  Now the first words out of my mouth when asked about the co-op experience is generally a garbled bunch of cusses about how my friends always seem to be right at the spot where I threw my grenade, or how “trying to kill the guy in front of you” inevitably means they have unloaded a full clip into the back of my head.  However, this profanity is always followed by a smile because, frustrating as it is, I love even these moments.

Mind you this isn’t due to any lack of severity in the penalty when you teamkill or you die as you lose 500 points from your battle gauge, which when reduced to zero ends the mission.  In fact I am not even sure I can properly describe it, but to put it aptly the game is so fun with 3 friends that you simply don’t sweat the team killing.  The many small sized enemies and the MASSIVE bosses unite your team in a surprisingly cohesive way for a video game.  There’s just so much going on in the game that you have no time to worry about your friend who accidentally shot you, or the grenade in close proximity to you.  On top of that each player is scored with a point value at the end of every segment of the game which gives you impetus to out do your buddies.

Speaking of points, the vast majority of them can come from the slaying of the massive Category – G Akrid which take several minutes of constant assault and evasion from four people to even have a chance of taking down.  The massive bosses were a highlight of the first Lost Planet and frankly they have only gotten much much bigger.  They pretty much showcase the levels and each battle is unique, either from trying to kill them with a canon bigger than any canon has a right to be or actually diving inside the mouth of a giant salamander where you can then fight enemies on the inside in hopes of destroying its core from the inside out.  However, this game isn’t just a one trick pony with the co-op…

For those of you familiar with the multiplayer from the first Lost Planet then there’s little you won’t find familiar in terms of game play.  The big addition is factional combat where you choose a side at the beginning of the week and fight along with other members of that faction against the other forces for top spot.  The faction which takes top spot at the end of the week often grants credits and bonus’ onto the members of that faction, then the process restarts.  There are several factions that go from the Elite Snow Pirates to the corporate NEVEC Black Ops.  There’s even a ridiculously stupid faction called “Femme Fatales” aside from being the only female character models in the game, they are also ridiculously under dressed for temperatures that make below zero sound like a sunny beach.

Overall I have found nothing but enjoyment in my adventures on E.D.N III.  Sure there are moments where I have just wanted nothing more than to punch my friends in the face when they happen to run in front of me just in time to divert a freshly thrown grenade to my face, but I’m not mad.

Seriously, I’m not.

Alright, maybe a little…..